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The Foundation’s support for human rights is primarily through an annual grant to a person – in particular with a law education – who works for human rights in Sweden or abroad and who has demonstrated great dedication and moral courage. The review criteria include altruistic commitment to the work for human rights and additional consideration is taken if the nominee’s actions have directly aided a person/persons in a vulnerable position.

This grant will, as a rule, be awarded annually, on or close to 10th September, Anna Dahlbäck’s birthday. The Board will select one grant holder among nominees suggested by individuals or by the following organisations that the Board has approached for nominations: The Swedish Bar Association, Amnesty International, The Swedish Amnesty Fund, Lawyers Without Borders, Avocats Sans Frontières, Civil Right Defenders, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Minority Rights Group, Expo Foundation, Stiftelsen Expo, Sweden for UNHCR. The Board’s decision cannot be appealed.

The grant will be awarded at a ceremony on or near the 10th September. Each year the Board will decide the amount as well as the date, the venue and the programme.
Alternatively, the Foundation may promote work for human rights in other ways, such as grants to education within the field of human rights or by economic support to projects, organisations or persons with the aim of creating an increased awareness and understanding of human rights.

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