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Anna Dahlbäck was employed, as a lawyer, by Bastling & Partners in Stockholm after graduating from Stockholm’s Music Gymnasium followed by law studies at Stockholm University and service as a law clerk at a District Court in Stockholm. She became a member of the Swedish Bar Association 2007.  As a lawyer, Anna was able to combine her legal knowledge with her strong commitment to human rights. Her astute intellect, sense of right and wrong and her scepticism towards authorities was of great use in her twenty-five years of work within Amnesty. Anna held several important posts in Amnesty, including Chairman for Amnesty’s Stockholm District and Legal Group and member of the Amnesty International Sweden’s Audit Committee. Anna was a representative for the International Working Group for the International Criminal Court (ICC) and travelled to Thailand and the Philippines to persuade these countries to sign the Rome Statute (and the latter country later did). Anna also travelled to Paraguay for the Swedish Section of the International Commission of Jurists. During later years, she was active in three major areas of human rights: Sweden’s failure to hold war criminals responsible for their crimes and to bring them to justice; the introduction of a new law in Sweden regarding criminal liability for crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes; Swedish legislation against torture (through Amnesty). The investigation regarding torture as a crime in Swedish law, was sent to the government in 2015. 
Anna showed great empathy and idealism both in her private and professional life. She was a role model for many, on account of her altruistic and competent dedication to the struggle for human rights.

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